Wine From Special Places

Our hunt for compelling vineyards often requires a path less trodden—from the rugged mountains of Mendocino County to the foggy valleys below Santa Cruz. There is a finite number of truly great vineyard sites and our job is to find them. Once harvested by hand, the fruit is delivered to us by refrigerated truck and/or during the coldest morning hours, and is processed in the least intrusive way possible.


Before he was our winemaker, Kai Kliegl was training to be a chef. His passion for cuisine drew him to The Culinary Institute of Florence where he honed his craft—later working in one of Italy’s top kitchens at Ristorante Ricchi. This immersion into Slow Food naturally led to an appreciation (and later a passion) for wine. After completing a one year Masters in Wine Studies in Apicius, Italy, Kai returned to California where he was hired on as the Assistant General Manager at Punchdown Cellars. In 2013, LIOCO hired Kai as Cellar Master and in 2017, as winemaker. His cool, Zen-like demeanor and deep respect for terroir is reflected in our wines.