Jim McCutchen

One Man Show
Pine Mountain / Cloverdale Peaks

Jim has been working on this same piece of land for 75-years. When we first met him he came rumbling down the hill on his ATV, two dogs barking from the back seat. As he approached us, I was taken aback at his ripe age, but when he shook my hand and began to tell us about his vineyard it was clear that this man with a vice-grip was still young at heart and as committed as ever to the responsible stewardship of his land.

Appellation: Pine Mountain / Cloverdale Peaks AVA
Vineyard designate: N/A
Soil type: Clay and fractured rock
Elevation: 2400 – 2600 feet
Clone: Mother clone Carignan
Average age of vines: 60+ years
Unique aspect: Old vines, head-trained, dry farming, high elevation site, multiple blocks
Sourced for: Sativa, Indica, Rosé
What to expect from the wines: Fresh red + dark fruit character, an earthy dustiness, true varietal character. For Rosé, a more red berry + wild herb component.