man standing in vineyard

John Peterson & Saul


The word Comptche loosely translates to “the land of many potholes” in the native Pomo Indian language. The Pomo loved this area for hunting, and today arrowheads made from Lake County obsidian can be found in the soil. John Peterson’s family were homesteaders on this rugged land back in the late 1800’s at a time giant Redwoods dominated. Fishing, trapping, and logging were the industries of the day. Today it’s grape growing and cannabis. John and his growing partner Saul worked for a decade to gain AVA status for Comptche, and in 2023 they finally achieved it. We are honored to be able to tell their story!

Appellation: Comptche
Vineyard designate: Peterson & Costa
Soil type: Franciscan
Elevation: 300-400 feet
Clone: Pommard, 115, 667, 777
Average age of vines: 23 years
Farming: Sustainable
Unique aspect: 14 mi from sea in Albion Wind Gape, big frost concerns, 50 degree diurnal shifts, brand new AVA!
Sourced for: Mendocino Pinot Noir + Chimera Pinot Noir + Peterson Vineyard Pinot Noir
What to expect from the wines: Purple fruit / blue floral-driven Pinot lifted by  pronounced acidity and a characteristic coastal forest quality.