Prudy Foxx

“The Vine Whisperer”
Santa Cruz Mountains

At our first meeting, Prudy compared the deep, sandy soils of Corralitos to a Great White Shark (both are fast to adapt to the ambient temperature of their surroundings). Then she promptly led us to two stunning vineyard sites, La Marisma and Saveria, both on sand. As we walked the rows, we caught her crushed up pitching oyster shells from her pocket onto the ground.

Appellation: Santa Cruz Mountains
Vineyard designate: La Marisma, Saveria
Soil type: sand + calcareous
Elevation: 600 feet
Clone: Chardonnay Mt. Eden Clone & Clone 96, Pinot Noir Clones Pommard & 115
Average age of vines: 20+ years
Farming: Sustainable, active soil amending
Unique aspect: both sites sit less than 5-miles from the sea in a heavily forested area
Sourced for: La Marisma Vineyard Chardonnay, Saveria Vineyard Pinot Noir
What to expect from the wines: Chardonnay with a briny, sea-influenced character and brisk acidity. Pinot Noir with freshly-picked, electric berry and exotic spice