Rory + Vince Bartolomei

Brothers Barto!
Talmage, Mendocino

The Bartolomei Family moved to the property originally as homesteaders in the late 1800s. Vines went in early, and the family has been in the grower business ever since. The commune of Talmage feels like the one that time forgot. Not uncommon to see people riding into “town” on horseback. It’s still very agrarian and most residents grow something—if not grapes, now it seems to be weed! The Bros Barto are still holding it down with the old-school Vitis vinifera. No plans to change!

Appellation: Talmage, Mendocino AVA
Vineyard designate: N/A
Soil type: Clay and fractured rock
Elevation: 800 feet
Clone: Mother clone Carignan
Average age of vines: 80+ years
Unique aspect: Very old vines, head-trained, dry farming
Sourced for: Indica Red, Rosé
What to expect from the wines: Fresh red + dark fruit character, an earthy dustiness, true varietal character. For Rosé, more high tone, watermelon rind drive.