Steven Moore

Bohemian, musician, naturalist
Sonoma Coast

Steve represents the latest generation at his family’s “old-timey” California farm, replete with row crops, fruit orchards, livestock, and a well-manicured vineyard. This kind of farmyard diversification is rare in Sonoma County, where Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are king and queen. Steve believes the biodiversity on his farm enhances the complexity of his grapes. So do we. Situated west of the town of Sebastopol in the lee of the Laguna de la Santa Rosa, Steve’s farm has provided LIOCO with remarkably expressive Pinot Noir since 2011, and beginning in 2013, equally expressive Chardonnay.

Appellation: Sonoma Coast/RRV AVA
Vineyard designate: N/A
Soil type: Goldridge
Elevation: 200 feet
Clone: Chardonnay Clone 4, Pinot Noir Clones 777 & 115
Average age of vines: 20+ years
Unique aspect: poly-culture, closed-loop farming, the lowest elevation in RRV
Farming: Biodynamic
Sourced for: Laguna, Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir + Estero, Russian River Valley Chardonnay
What to expect from the wines: Pinot Noir with a cooling, fresh-berry snappiness. Ripe Chardonnay character without any excess weight. The restrained, lemon-driven profile characteristic of Clone 4 Chardonnay growing in a cool climate.