Full disclosure: I’m a bit biased on the pairings, so you might need to swing by the LIOCO Healdsburg Tasting Room to get stocked up on wine before making this dinner!! ( ;

The most important thing about a romantic dinner is to ensure that you aren’t too stressed out preparing and serving the meal, so that you are able to actually enjoy the evening and connect with your valentine.  There are tons of ways to keep the meal elevated and classy without having to break your back.

Flirty Snack

Potato Chips w/ Crema & Caviar

Easy, fun and no cooking involved! Just put the chips in a bowl, open up the caviar and voila!

*Pair with LIOCO Lolonis Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc (wine that begs for something from the sea!).

First Course

Crostini w/ Lox, Horseradish Crème Fraiche & Fresh Dill 

Swing by Grossman’s in Santa Rosa and grab some legit lox. Then hit up Red Bird Bakery for a sour baguette. You won’t be sorry. The horseradish crème fraiche is as easy as it sounds—throw a little Dijon mustard in there as well, along with some salt and pepper. These can be made ahead of time and served at room temperature.

*Pair with LIOCO’s best California Chardonnay (IMHO!): Tidal Break Vineyard from the true Sonoma Coast.

Main Course

Seared Bone-In Ribeye

Winter Lettuces with Radish, Fresh Dill, Pt Reyes Bleu & Red Wine Vinaigrette

Sorry, but yes, you have to throw money at the problem. Grab your wallet and head to Journeyman Meat Co. Trust me, it’s worth it, and you’ll realize this as soon as the first bite of rib eye melts in your mouth. Adding Pt Reyes Bleu to your salad adds yet another local touch and will be a great compliment to the steak as well.

*Pair with LIOCO Sativa Carignan (wine truly from a special place).


Short Bread Cookies & Black Sesame Ice Cream from Noblefolk

Everyone knows we tout the best wine tasting in Healdsburg, but did you know we have the best pie and ice cream too?!?!?  Why slave over dessert when someone’s already done that for you and achieved perfection?