Place Matters

Why has wine survived for 9,000 years? We believe it’s because unlike any other beverage it can transport us–in one whiff–to the far corners of the earth. Wine should smell and taste like it came from someplace. Without this unique expression of place, wine loses its distinction… and its story.

Fortunately, this sensory experience is not reserved for expensive single-vineyard bottlings.Many of world’s great wine values are made by blending regional vineyards. On California’s wild North Coast where a cold sea, foggy river valleys, and ancient redwoods co-mingle with vineyards, this concept is especially resonant. There is an abundance of “there, there,” which is why the words Sonoma County and Mendocino County seen on a label should mean something.

We’ve long championed authentic, everyday wines for under $25. In just our 2nd vintage (2006),we introduced a County Wine series:Sonoma County Chardonnay + Indica, Mendocino Red Table Wine + Indica, Mendocino Rose of Carignan. These three wines over-delivered, and put LIOCO on the map.

This year, in response to a hyper-competitive wine market, we brought back Indica Red (!!), added a Mendocino Pinot Noir to the lineup, and put the concept of "place" front and center on some striking new labels. All four County Wine labels now sport a wrapping topographical map that corresponds to the wine's place of origin.Mendo Pinot Noir shows a river mouth and the Pacific; Indica Red a mountainside; Rosé abenchland; and SoCo a sprawling estuary. Like all the LIOCO labels before them, these contemporary new labels have a singular color identity and dynamic, tech-sheet back labels.

*New* County Label
Release Schedule

2018 Mendocino Pinot Noir
$28 | Released

2018 Indica, Mendocino Red Table Wine
$25 | Released

2019 Mendocino Rosé of Carignan
$25 | Mar 2020

2019 Sonoma County Chardonnay
$25 | Sep 2020